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I wish you a very happy and prosperous Christmas (and New Year). May this holiday season get extended for you and bring loads of joy, happiness and success to you and your family. I hope everyone is having a blast of a vacation.

Christmas comes in the very end of the year. Just within a week we will see a New Year. I think that this festival period is an excellent occasion to reflect back on what we have achieved in this year and what we could not. It is also a time to make an assessment of our progress so far in our respective areas of activities. We must revise this whole year to see whether we have been able to fulfill our resolutions we took at the start of 2007 or not. If we have not been able to fulfill our resolutions of past, we should make a close observation of what prevented us in realizing our dreams this year. It may be an inherent weakness of us or any unforeseeable circumstance over which we did not have any control. In any case it is very important to have a quick analysis of the whole year so that we can make better preparation for the next year.

We all have 365 days in a year. For some this time is enough to achieve their goals. For some it is not. No matter what your situation is, you must make a start. I know that life is not very easy for all of us. There are many obstacles which we need to overcome to get what we want. However, no matter who we are, what we have and where we live, we all have the choice to alter our attitude towards our problems and make a start. In his famous book ‘As a man thinketh’, James Allen has made this profound statement :

“Our present circumstances today are the sum total of all the choices we have made till now. And our future will be the sum total of all the choices we will made from now onwards.”

Let’s make some positive choices for the coming 2008. Let’s make some resolution towards betterment of ourselves and our society. Let us don’t blame others and take full responsibility of our life. This is the true quality of a religious man. True quality of a person who meditate.

What’s new on Meditation is

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That’ all for in this issue of Meditation Weekly. Once again merry Christmas 🙂

Take care. Bye !!


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