Mindfulness and Brain

How Does Mindful Meditation Affect Your Brain

  How is it possible to make changes to our brain? Instead of going online or playing another game on your phone, try quieting down your mind. Not possible instantly! However, try to pay attention to your thoughts and remain passive without reacting. Research over the years proves that just a few minutes of meditation may […]

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5 tips to improve mental health through meditation

5 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health Through Meditation

The role of meditation in promoting improved mental health has been recognized for centuries. As more and more medical studies seem to provide concrete, irrefutable links between good mental health and meditation, however, its positives effects are becoming more mainstream and more widely recognized. If you think that your own mental health could be improved […]

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How Long should you meditate

How long should you meditate ?

This is one of the most asked questions on Meditation. How long should you meditate? Honestly speaking, there is no single answer. The answer depend on your expectations with meditation. If you are planning to live in an Ashram, Retreat Centre or any similar institution to devote yourself fully for the development of your spiritual […]

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Meditate Daily. Be Calm