Mindfulness Meditation To Stabilize Mental Health And Loose Excess Weight

Posted in Meditation Advice on December 15, 2016

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As the saying goes, “a sound mind in a sound body”. People usually approach this from the “body” part, implying that physical health is very important or even essential for the mental, psychological and spiritual well-being of any individual. And although they’re absolutely right, the principle works both ways. By that I mean that with Read More »

3 Ways to Practice Passive Meditation

Posted in Meditation Advice on December 14, 2016

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The purpose of meditation is to quiet down the chatter in your mind, go beyond your physical experiences and experience your true nature, feel at peace with who you are, feel happy and fulfilled. Most people find hard to meditate because their mind stays in the way. As you can’t do without it, train your Read More »

Tim Ferriss' view on Meditation: If done daily, it can have the greatest impact on your lives

Posted in Meditation on December 11, 2016
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Recently, Tim Ferriss the author, blogger and motivational speaker known for his books and did a live Q&A session on Quora. One of the questions that was asked from Tim was this:- What program, habit or change do you think most people don't do, (but can) that would have the greatest impact on their lives? Read More »

Which Meditation Technique is Best for Me?

Posted in Meditation Advice on November 29, 2016

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Which Meditation Technique is Best for Me? Can meditation change the world? Maybe. Many meditation gurus say that meditation can help you access the collective consciousness of humanity and make a difference in the world. Here is a guest post on choosing best meditation technique for you by Szymon Pelechowicz from LoveMeditating.com At the very least, Read More »

Meditation Tip : Take Proper Sleep

Posted in Meditation Advice on November 28, 2016

This will be short and simple -  but extremely important. If you really want to meditate properly, then make sure that you take a proper and sound sleep every night This is so important that I cant stress enough its value. A proper and sound sleep of 7-8 hours per day refreshes our bodies and Read More »

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