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Posted in Meditation on February 8, 2009
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We all are parts of a big cosmic whole. Often in our busy involvement in the daily tasks of life, we forget about this eternal truth.

One of the easiest and most effective way to reconnect with the divine source is to spend some time with nature. We all are part of the nature, yet for most of us nature has become a sort of alien subject. In our concrete home, we seldom or never care to look at the sky. To look at the rain drops, to experience the cool breeze, to walk on the grass, to observe the greenery, to touch a tender flower- all these tiny tasks can result in an instant connection with the nature. However, how many of us try to connect with nature this way.

If you really want to deepen your meditation practice, you should give nature a try. Just do something daily to ensure a direct connect with some part of the nature. Try to touch and feel at least some part of the nature be it earth, water, wind, plants, trees, grass or any animal.

We all have a limited life span on earth. None of us will live forever. In this short time span, we should try to increase our awareness towards this phenomenon called life. An increased awareness will result in a higher consciousness.

The rules of spiritual life are not at all complicated. They are very simple and easy. We only need to just take a pause and think: where are we going? Are we doing something meaningful in our life – something that will have a lasting impact on our lives? Are we living a life of quality or it is just a life of quantitative abundance with no real charm ?

A few months ago I read a very interesting title of a book: Go Kiss the World.

This week's meditation message is: Go Kiss the Nature.

11 Responses to “For Meditation - Get in touch with nature”

  1. Desmond says:

    It's true we do forget to take time out and enjoy these things. Once upon a time I used to take my girlfriend to the beach at night to gaze at the stars. The ocean breeze and sound of the waves made you forget most of your cares and enjoy nature. Good post

  2. Meditative says:

    Meditating surrounded by Nature has many advantages as pointed out in this excellent article. I myself especially love to feel the breeze across my cheeks and watch the morning Sun before closing my eyes and commencing meditation. This is something we need to be reminded constantly - to go out and get in touch with the elements. We should not forget either that Buddha Himself achieved his Enlightenment while meditating outside.

  3. Raj Tiwari says:

    I totally agree with your post. We tend to forget about how amazing nature can be and unfortunately are too busy to appreciate it. I love the beach and the mountains as it truly brings a feeling of ease. Nice post.

    Btw I just stumbled and submitted your blog to viralogy. Hope it brings you a lot of new readers!


  4. We can connect to the divine through nature. Spiritualism is just simply being aware of the creations, including ourselves.

  5. I just love the lesson in all this: we are nature.

  6. medo says:

    meditating while surroend by nature is my dream but it is impossible for people who live in big cities even parks are not quiet to meditate in because of children screams & shouts & near by street noise.

    by i found an alternative i close all the windows & my phone then i turn my music player to play natural sounds like waterfalls , birds & wind

    Anyway Thanks for your Wonderful article

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  7. Karim says:

    An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Positive thinking

  8. Thank you for your insight. I believe that being connected with nature is a great venue for meditation.

  9. Gary Mullen says:

    It's so true that many people take the beauty of nature for granted. We're surrounded by it everyday but somehow in our busy lives many forget to appreciate just how special it is.

    I for one will make sure that, for today at least, i will take a pause from my daily activities and take a walk in the park. 🙂

  10. Josh says:

    Living in New York City, I rarely get to actually interact/experience nature organically. It's tough because as beautiful as the parks/botanical gardens are they have an air of artificiality because they are surrounded by buildings and a layer of smog that permeates the air.

    This post rings so true for me because I find that if I don't get out into "the real thing" at least once a month, I feel like something is missing.

    I'd love your thoughts on how people stuck in a city can find nature within themselves or in man-made "nature".

  11. Ranunculus says:

    It is certainly true. I always thought that nature is the best teacher of all. Finding a few minutes everyday to practice meditation out in the nature is very helpful. It promotes immense happiness and relieves from all the stress.

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