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We all are parts of a big cosmic whole. Often in our busy involvement in the daily tasks of life, we forget about this eternal truth.

One of the easiest and most effective way to reconnect with the divine source is to spend some time with nature. We all are part of the nature, yet for most of us nature has become a sort of alien subject. In our concrete home, we seldom or never care to look at the sky. To look at the rain drops, to experience the cool breeze, to walk on the grass, to observe the greenery, to touch a tender flower- all these tiny tasks can result in an instant connection with the nature. However, how many of us try to connect with nature this way.

If you really want to deepen your meditation practice, you should give nature a try. Just do something daily to ensure a direct connect with some part of the nature. Try to touch and feel at least some part of the nature be it earth, water, wind, plants, trees, grass or any animal.

We all have a limited life span on earth. None of us will live forever. In this short time span, we should try to increase our awareness towards this phenomenon called life. An increased awareness will result in a higher consciousness.

The rules of spiritual life are not at all complicated. They are very simple and easy. We only need to just take a pause and think: where are we going? Are we doing something meaningful in our life – something that will have a lasting impact on our lives? Are we living a life of quality or it is just a life of quantitative abundance with no real charm ?

A few months ago I read a very interesting title of a book: Go Kiss the World.

This week’s meditation message is: Go Kiss the Nature.


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