A question on third eye meditation

A question on third eye meditation asked by a reader :

Question : hi there, um, i just have a query about the third eye meditation technique. Since iv\’e been trying this meditation, iv\’e had a sort of pressure in my head around the third eye area, all day, for a couple of days. also, iv\’e had a couple of nosebleeds, and im not sure if this is attributed to the technique, is this bad or good? should i stop attempting this type of meditation? or is everything ok, and should i continue?

Answer : Thanks for contacting me and asking this question regarding third eye meditation. This meditation is one of the most sensitive meditation techniques available as we play directly on a very subtle part of our estral body (the third eye). Often the third eye area become hot and we feel pain. However, in most of the cases to my knowledge the most common symptom was a slight strain in the center of the forehead which did not bother the meditator much.

However, since you are also experiencing nose bleeding, it appears that your third eye area is becoming too hot during meditation. This condition is not very congenial from the meditation’s point of view. I urge you to please stop immediately and discontinue this technique. The way pranic energy develop and circulates is quite specific to person to person. Your symptoms gives the indication that your body is not prepare for this meditation at the moment. So, my advice to you is that you should stop using this meditation as it may have some unpredicted repercussions.

Instead, try some simple meditation techniques which does not require that much involvement of our subtle part. You can try Vipassana or ‘ Here and now‘ meditation. They are harmless and very effective too.

I hope this helps.



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  1. Brett Reilly October 8, 2007 at 11:11 pm #

    Take your time, why is there a hurry in your development, the best way to strengthen your third eye is to energize the chakra and use it, this takes time and will be rewarding as it slowly reveals the inner and outer mind.

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