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Can anxiety be cured with meditation ?

Often people ask this question about the possible benefits of meditation. Since anxiety is one of the most troublesome problem being faced by people of this modern era, everybody is curious to know as to whether the anxiety can be cured by meditation. First of all, let us understand anxiety in brief: Anxiety is a […]

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Can meditation cause insomnia ?

Some people suffers from depression and insomnia and it becomes a very serious problem for them. As such meditation can be of immense helpful to such people. It not only helps them overcome the depression, it also helps them enjoy sound sleep. It is in this context, I was surprise to know when someone asked […]

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Can meditation be bad for you?

Someone asked : Can meditation be bad for you? The answer is short, simple and plain : Never if you do it properly. May be, if you don’t do it correctly. Yes, if you misunderstood  it and treat it as a financial investment and expect return from it. Expectations divert you from the goal. Meditation […]

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