No matter what, never lose your hope

Long long ago, I stumbled upon in a book, one motivational line on hope . It was like this probably :

A man can survive almost any condition as long as he has some hope.

We often become disappointed with failures. However, we must understood that failure and success are the two sides of a same coin.  As the saying goes, : failure is never final success is never ending

If you are failing to meditate because of whatever reason, you must not lose your heart. Often trying to hard is the main cause of the problem. When it comes to meditation, we need to be as natural and effortless as we can. The more we fight with our mind, the more it will become strong. The human mind is a very very clever opponent.  You need a subtle force to tame it.

Coming back to the hope word, here is this beautiful poster about hope.  I hope you will enjoy it:


Hope gives us life.

Whether it is the subtle goal of meditation or a tangible goal of any worldly pursuit,  keeping hope till we succeed is the way to go.

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