Our first Google Widget on Meditation is coming !!

I know it’s about a month since I posted on this blog. Actually I was very busy in some other important work. I was also busy in doing something useful for my readers. After some intensive research and experimentation, we have created a Meditation Widget for our readers. For all those of you who don’t know what exactly is a widget let me tell you that it’s a small piece of online software which provided something useful to you via your webpage. I shall write more about it in my coming posts. For the time being I want to tell you about the Widget we have created. It’s a widget by the name ‘Meditation Quotes by Osho’


This widget will give you one new quote of Osho every time it reloads on your computer. The quotes f Osho – the great meditation master of our time, has been a source of instant inspiration and contemplation for millions of people the world over. This wonderful widget is about to be released very soon. You will be able to share this widget on your own web pages or on your personalized Google Home page.

Keep watching…’s coming very soon 🙂

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