What is the best time for meditation?

Best time for meditation ? Often people asked me this question and I always told them that it depends upon at what level of meditation practice they are. If you are just a beginner it is very important for you to make a set routine for meditation. In the initial phase, it is important to assign a regular time frame for your meditation practice. This time can be at any hours of the day-  depending upon your lifestyle and timing of job.

In the age of Outsourcing and Call Centers, the concept of sleep a night and work during day is no longer valid. Today millions of people work during night shift and  reach home in the morning. For all these people the advice to meditate early in the morning is of no use. As such. going by the global patterns of work, it is not feasible to suggest a particular time period for meditation which is suitable for all.

Then what is the solution ?  Simple and easy. The best time for meditation is when you wake up from sleep and after doing all essential chores (Cleaning your teeth/using toilet etc), you have a fresh mind and body. For most of us, this time will be early in the morning. If you do some Workout or Yoga, then you should meditate after your physical exercises (not before that). The reason being that a brief regimen of physical exercise will make your body more relaxed and flexible. As such you will be able to get  more focused and comfortable in your meditation practice.

Depending upon your work-shift, you can choose at what time of the day, you can meditate properly.

I hope the above will help.


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