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Which Meditation Technique is Best for Me?

Which Meditation Technique is Best for Me? Can meditation change the world? Maybe. Many meditation gurus say that meditation can help you access the collective consciousness of humanity and make a difference in the world. Here is a guest post on choosing best meditation technique for you by Szymon Pelechowicz from At the very least, […]

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Meditation Tip : Take Proper Sleep

This will be short and simple –  but extremely important. If you really want to meditate properly, then make sure that you take a proper and sound sleep every night This is so important that I cant stress enough its value. A proper and sound sleep of 7-8 hours per day refreshes our bodies and […]

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How to learn meditation

How to learn Meditation?

There is only one thing which is required :  A burning desire to learn it. Once you make up your mind, you will find numerous resources to learn meditation. You can join a meditation resort, a nearby meditation workshop, buy a book or browse the online world of Internet. In my personal experience, anybody who […]

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witness quote by Osho

The Process of Watching

It takes a little time to create a gap between the witness and the mind. Once the gap is there, you are in for a great surprise, that you are not the mind, that you are the witness, a watcher. And this process of watching is the very alchemy of real religion. Because as you […]

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Meditation Exercise to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

This is guest post by Ms. Jessica Tanner about using mindfulness meditation to reduce anxiety and depression. How can Meditation Help? If you have anxiety or depression, meditation can help you relax and regain control over your thoughts and situation. The thing about meditation is (if you do a Mindfulness exercise) that it allows you […]

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Meditate Daily. Be Calm